System was born to serve you, not burn you out of day-by-day operation.

Though Consultative Service by our SME, we know what we can do for you in System Transformation and make OPERATION EXCELLENCE possible. Our HSS portfolio provides four systems; they are

Talent Mesh

Flow-base Platform of Talent Acquisition.
• Design purpose: support our clients reaching and acquiring worldwide talent out of boundary, time limitation with accuracy and efficiency.
• Main applications:
o target-group recruitment,
o specialty recruitment,
o project-base recruitment,
o decentralization recruitment


Working Time Management System
• Design purposes: incremental employee productivity, WLB (work-life-balance), as well as regulatory compliance


Super Image-type Engine of organization management
• Design purpose: provide a image-type & functional engine to draw, design, and manage your organization covering both mico- and macro- views in a logic and effort-less way
• Main applications:
o Organization Chat Drawing
o Budget planning
o Key Manpower Index
o Organization change & re-engineering


Platinum Benefit System
• Design purposes: retain your team by Benefit not Compensation with long-tail effect
• Main applications:
o Hi-level management
o Hi-performance employee
o Hi-potential talent

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