In a challenging circumstance, you should put most of your resources focusing on your core business. As for the team issues, you can count on a professional partner to handle it. Along with our quality-oriented Executive Search, SNI is experienced at being your business partner.

Herewith, we conduct the Strategy Search to assist our clients in achieving Leadership Advantage. Certainly, we need your support in sharing with us the followings:
 Unique culture of your organization,
 The growth model of human capital and organization
 Your current HR development programs
 Any other staffing difficulties / dilemma, both spoken and unspoken

 New comer to the market, such as start-ups,
 Venture Capital, who needs a management team to handle invested target,
 Team enhancement in challenging competition, such as re-organization / re-engineering

According to Corporate Executive Board , “Across the globe, labor market and demographic shifts are giving rise to talent shortages…while organizations struggle to obtain necessary talent, they face two primary challenges: increasing competition and an increasingly complex work.”

We believe such impact will be more obvious on senior executives, either talent shortage or improper personnel. SNI is experienced in searching and assessing candidates from the talent pool with our optimized search & select system, and deliver the best qualified for your business.

 Board Member
 Executive Level and Management Team, such as CXO
 Venture Capital, who needs a trustworthy partner to operate invested target
 Head of Core Teams, such as Marketing / Product / R&D
 Seeds in Succession Plan
 Confidential Replacement

Advertising your vacancy in the press and other media will certainly attract résumés, but you cannot be sure that the candidates who approach you are the best qualified for the position. On the other hand, employees of your competitors might be interested in a career move, but would hesitate to send their résumé to you directly.

SNI, as a professional recruiter, we can fulfill your emerging needs, provide point to point (PtP) Talent Search to handle your requirements directly and efficiently.

 Mid-Level Manager
 Generic Function
 Speciality Staffs

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