The journey to an advanced & ideal career destination.
Not only serving enterprise but also talent like you, our STAR program help you to reach the advancement in career. If you are looking for a professional career with a fine pay, high potential, and/or multinational environment, PLEASE CONTACT US. (Now Available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China with on-line application only).

STAR candidate normally has (ever)
• annual salary more than $100,000
• worked for Fortune 500 Company
• taken a managerial role with P&L accountability
• None of above, but truly believe being a STAR in your career

STAR program costs you less but could win you a lottery from perspective of career direction and advancement, it includes,

* Career Consultation
• Career Review & Setting
• Expectation Analysis
• Assessment
• Competency Evaluation & Advisory
• Executive Coach (if required)

* Opportunity Engagement
• Career Roadmap Design
• Wish List
• Position Targeting
• Expectation Setting
• Go-To-Market

*R- career
• Rejoin Job Market
• Repatriate for Inbound or Outbound Jobs

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